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The Pirates of Trollbane

Trollbane's Longest Running Horde Raid Guild!

<Raid Requirements>

A great Gear Score DOES NOT Make a GOOD PLAYER, it only enhances one.   



     <Omega> is currently using the personal loot system. However, we will convert to /roll as we progress in later tiers. Loot will be awarded based on main spec and need. If nobody rolls for main spec then an offspec roll will be initiated and handed out to the top roll. Loot is distributed evenly and with all fairness in mind. If a problem about loot occurs a simple whisper to officers can easily fix the problem. Starting drama in the guild or vent over loot will earn you a guild boot. Legendary items are limited to full members and will be distributed at the discretion of the officers.

  Current Raid Schedule                                                                                     


If you are applying to Omega please make sure that you are available at these times and are ready to raid in the current raid content. We prefer mature adults with raid experience.